We are a team of professionals who know how to hold a big mass event
- from A to Z
  • Music events, sport events, festivals, movie premieres
  • From the idea, through the negotiation, marketing and realization
Upcoming events
Bulgarian Live Music
Over the years we have worked with dozens of artists from all around the world and we have brought joy to many fans of different styles. We have held numerous mass and private events, both indoors and outdoors.
Areas of expertise
BLM provides full organizational and technical support for concerts, cultural and sporting events, as well as advertising and promotional events in Bulgaria and neighboring countries. The company has a team of highly qualified specialists with extensive international experience who can provide competent assistance in achieving your goals. We are in partnership with national televisions, recording studios, concert halls, cinemas, transport companies, international hotel chains and golf complexes, as well as and many others.
How do we work?
BLM covers the overall organization, logistics and communication of the event
We provide security, catering and everything related to a mass event
Connections and presentations to potential sponsors
We maintain interest
Both among journalists and media, and on social networks
We connect and engage the right media and influencers for partners
Transparency and accountability for our every step
Do you want to learn more
about our services?
Past events
we have worked with
Our Partners
Universitetska street 5,
Sofia, Bulgaria

Aleksi Kalev - manager
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