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Technical Support
BLM provides comprehensive organizational and technical support for concerts, cultural and sporting events, as well as advertising and promotional activities in Bulgaria and its neighboring countries.
The company employs a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience who provide competent support towards achieving the agreed objectives.

Our sound equipment meets all modern requirements and is constructed from high-quality components. Our experts will assess and coordinate the type of equipment needed, and will determine its installation according to the location and parameters of each event. We operate a wide range of stage and special effects lighting incorporating the latest technologies for concerts, club performances, fashion shows, festivals and corporate events. Lighting design is always made to suit the specific requirements of each artist thus making every event an unforgettable experience. BLM provides construction of indoor and outdoor stages of various sizes and design together with the lighting trusses needed for events of various scale.

The multimedia equipment that we offer adds to the effect of scale and has become increasingly popular for the music and other types of events we organize. BLM provides the planning, design and implementation of the latest pyrotechnic shows and effects for the needs of concerts and sports events. We also provide a range of backline of equipment and components (instruments and personal musical equipment) to hire.

We work with the most reputable studios for audio And video production and provide , full multimedia support, filming, sound recording and post-production for all types of music, sports and media events.
Advertising and PR
Our team has a proven track record in designing PR and advertising strategies and their successful implementation on the market. Upon request, our experts will propose individual advertising and PR concepts, such as:
Preparation of a personalized PR strategy
Negotiation and booking of TV time and advertising
Planning, communication and generation of news
Negotiation with radio stations for broadcasting
Facebook, Twitter and other social media maintenance
Negotiation of outdoor advertising
Organizing interviews, conferences, signing sessions, etc.
Negotiation of internet advertising
Journalists' accreditation and coordination
Preparation of radio and television spots
We have successfully organized numerous campaigns and are part of:
X-Factor Bulgaria, Nova Television
The Judgement (Bulgarian film)
The Mole
BIG Brother
VIP Brother
School for Parents
And many others.
Design and Photography
Design of a graphic brand/logotype of events, including several design options and finalizing of the one selected (media, colors, size, application).

Production of advertising materials, including creative concepts for the design and technical production of the materials listed below:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • T-shirts
  • Magazine adverts
  • Branding of partner websites
  • Facebook designs
  • Direction and information signs, maps, etc.
  • Stage design (background, vinyl surfaces for sponsor's logos, vinyl skirting)
  • Internet banners
Dedicated website, including proposals for the design and finalizing the chosen option for all secondary pages, selection and processing of illustrations, programming of a content management system, entering the initial information on all levels, editing, user training, etc.

Photography at the event, including a professional team of photographers with modern equipment appropriate for the event.
Security and Access Control
The security options offered by BLM are specially targeted and suited for concerts, festivals, sports events, large-scale public events, and big music clubs.
We provide professional teams and access control systems, as well as technical solutions for the security of premises, including security alarm systems, 24-hour monitoring, video control systems, etc.

Over the years, the company has been following the strategy, adopted by its leadership, of offering comprehensive services in the field of security, ensuring safety, rapid and professional implementation of commitments, bringing mutual trust and integrity in its partnerships with clients, and ensuring full confidentiality.

BLM has the experience and expertise to offer individualized security plans and safety evaluation in collaboration with the regulatory offices of the police, transport control authorities, fire brigade, medical services, etc.
Partners and events:
Kavarna Rock Fest 2012-2015
Solar Summer Fest 2015-2016
Guinness record (Moto-Pfohe) 2016
Bulgarian Volleyball Federation (European Championship)
Bulgarian Karate Federation (European Championship)
Armin Van Buuren, Sofia, Arena Armeets, 2016
Tiesto, Sofia, Arena Armeets, 2016
Club Bedroom, Sofia
Club Megami, Hotel Marinela, Sofia
Catering and Event Equipment
BLM offers professional catering, equipment, and decoration. The company is already established in the field but continues to evolve and experiment.
We have successfully organized numerous events and operate two restaurants that are open to the public – the Tohun restaurants in Sofia and Pomorie. Our professional teams provide comprehensive services of the highest rank in line with the demands of the particular event - festivals, concerts, cocktail parties, conferences, company presentations, birthdays, weddings, etc.

The company's strategy and concept are focused on the individual – every potential client receives a personal offer in accordance with their personal taste and aesthetic preferences. Our managers are fully available from the moment of preparing the initial offer until the complete implementation of the event. We do not compromise with quality and style, making sure that every single detail is elegant and carefully selected. Creativity and the spirit of design are an invaluable presence in our company and clients are our top priority.

We provide delivery, installation and dismantling of tents, dressing containers, fences, toilets, showers, and garbage containers through our partners with whom we have had long-term cooperation.
We provide electric supply and wiring of all types for events as needed.

Partners and events:
Lovech Rock Fest 2016
Guinness record (Moto-Pfohe) 2016
Kavarna Rock Fest 2012-2015
Motor Gathering Dupnitsa 2013-2015
Motor Gathering Predela 2014
In-company party (Shumen) 2015
In-company party (Dobrich) 2015
Wedding party, Military Club (Sofia) 2016
Folklore Festival (Koprivshtitsa) 2015
And many others
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