KAVARNA ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 - Battle of the Bands
Kavarna, Bulgaria
26 June 2015
Three Bulgarian, three Romanian, one Greek and one Russian bands were the finalists who shared the stage at Kavarna Battle of the Bands 2015. The contest took place on June 26th - a day before the first day of Kavarna Rock Festival 2015 with headliners Within Temptation.

Again we met last year's Downer Kill (Bulgaria), who lost to Aura (Romania) by just two votes at last year's Battle of the Bands. Due to the huge participation in the application period by bands from Romania we had the chance to see three of their own - An Theos, Hatemode and Shifting. They were joined by Sorrows Path (Greece) and Wild Child (Russia).

Kavarna Battle of the Bands 2015 winners are An Theos and Downer Kill.
HAMMERHEAD - Metallica Tribute (Kavarna rock 2015)
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