Sofia, Bulgaria
4 June 2016
Ford, Moto-Pfohe, and BLM led the bold initiative of setting a Guinness world record for the longest parade of Ford vehicles in Bulgaria. The impressive event began at 09:00 on 4 June 2016 and had its meeting point at the newly opened Northern passage of Sofia ring road with an entrance from Botevgradsko Shosse Blvd.

The aim was to gather at least 1000 Ford cars to travel 3.2 km in a line and enter history together.

Among the great variety of vehicles, a few unique Ford models kept with great care in impeccable condition could be spotted. Among them, some exceptional vintage cars - 1930s Ford Model А, exotic models such as Taunus, Probe, Mercury, Granada, Maverick, and Cougar, classic models like the 1970s Mustang, Thunderbird, Explorer, F-150, 1967 Shelby Cobra and even a 2017 Mustang Shelby GT 350, as well as many other classics and rares of the Ford family.

More than 2300 cars travelled a distance of 3.5 km but, as per Guinness guidelines, only 1527 were included in the official count. Nevertheless, the number way exceeded the previous world record set in the US in 2014 with 829 cars. Almost twice the number for a country that is incomparable to the US in size.

For us at BLM taking part of the organization and setting of this record is a true honor. We are grateful to Moto-Pfohe for trusting us with this event, as we are glad to be able to achieve our goals and we are proud to have successfully broken the record.
Ford Guiness Record - 4 June 2016
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